Seamless, Integrated Cloud-based ID Card Issuance

Issuing identification cards can be challenging and costly for today’s organizations but it doesn’t have to be. HID Global’s cloud-based card issuance platform, HID® FARGO® Connect™, simplifies the complex, reduces costs and brings together all the elements of a secure card issuance program into a centralized and integrated system. We invite you to review our on-demand webinars and other resources below or contact us to find out what HID FARGO Connect can do for your organization: • The "Top 5 Trends in ID Card Printing" webinar discusses the top 5 trends in ID card printing and how modern technology is being leveraged in this industry to improve the convenience, flexibility and speed of credential issuance • During our "Is Cloud Card Issuance Right for You?" webinar, we explore why the cloud is becoming the new normal and takes a deeper dive into the pros and cons of moving to a cloud-based card issuance solution • In our "Level Up Your Card Issuance Process" webinar, we reveal how leading solution providers in partnership with HID, are using the HID FARGO Connect personalization system to improve processes and reap the rewards of cloud-based issuance • Explore the HID FARGO Connect video, brochure, infographic, Executive Brief — or learn more about HID FARGO Connect-compatible card printers like the HID FARGO HDP6600 and the HID FARGO DTC1500